Training & Coaching

Training is important to develop professional skills to contribute for the organizational goals.
For HLB Mozambique, the training programs aim at enhancing the image of the professionals,
in the mostvaried competences, and of the organizations in which they are inserted, with reference
to the triangle of knowledge:

  • Know how to be
  • Know how to get knowledge;
  • know how to do.

Why do you have to train with us

Our training programs are prepared to gives your employees the skills what they needs to help the organization to achieve goals in the follows areas:

  • Technical updates for statutory auditors and their employees applying ISA, IFRS and others international standards;
  • Public accounting Applying IPSAS and INTOSAI standards and following the international evolution of auditing standards;
  • Management accounting we respond to the obligations arising from the activity and implement the control instruments and promote thequality of the information provided to all its users;

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Our expertise

Training for statutory auditors and their assistants

Training in public accounting for the public employees

Training in financial report for corporate employees

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